IADC® Therapy Training

Training in IADC® Therapy is limited to licensed mental health professionals. It is highly recommended that mental health professionals interested in IADC® Therapy have completed at least the first weekend of EMDR Training prior to seeking training in IADC® Therapy. Training is generally completed over two days, but each trainer can provide you with more detailed information about their training requirements.

Training is available in person and virtually from the following IADC® Trainers. To obtain contact information for the trainer, click their name to link to the Trained Therapists Directory and scroll down to the trainer’s name and contact information:

Graham Maxey, Arlington, Texas
Cesar Valdez, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Juliane Grodhues, Saarbrucken, Germany
Bernadette Abegglen-Verazzi, Perroy, Switzerland

Group Training is available by contacting Dr. Noelle St. Germain-Sehr.

At the conclusion of training, you will be invited to include your name and contact information in the Trained Therapists Directory on this site.

A Note from Dr. Botkin

This discovery is very new, and my future associations with others who are IADC trained will not only be important to me in a professional way, but in a personal way as well. We will have a shared mission, and the potential for professional networking and groundbreaking research is beyond what I can even imagine at this point.

Allan L. Botkin, Psy.D.
Founder, the Center for Grief and Traumatic Loss, LLC


Following are endorsements written by psychologists recently trained in the IADC® procedure.

“I wholeheartedly and highly recommend Dr. Botkin’s intensive one-day, one on one training/workshop. With an authentic, honest and convincing teaching style, Dr. Botkin shares his expertise and 20 years of experience in this rare and unique learning opportunity for individualized training and understanding of an amazingly powerful therapeutic technique.

I strongly recommend any therapist interested in grief work to take advantage of this exceptional workshop—a day fully packed with information and first hand experience that enables you to be ready to begin using the technique after completing this training. The workshop far exceeded all of my expectations. It is a completely worthwhile investment of your time, energy and money.”

Linda Harper, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist in private practice
Evergreen Park, Illinois

“My IADC® training with Dr. Botkin was undoubtedly the best investment of time, money and effort that I’ve made during my 24-year psychotherapy career. Upon completing the training day I had gotten everything I needed to immediately and reasonably confidently begin conducting the IADC® process with my clients. But equally important was that Dr. Botkin’s great enthusiasm for IADC® had proven to be highly contagious and I had caught the bug. That single day of training with him was the catalyst that launched my career on an entirely new and unimaginably more rewarding trajectory. My life and work have quite thankfully not been the same since.”

Gary R. Beaver, M.A.
Licensed Psychologist
Minneapolis, Minnesota